DDB Worldwide

Kallang Avenue, Singapore
21,500 SF

As one of the world’s leading advertising agency, DDB have found a new home at Pico Creative Center in Singapore occupying 2 floors of 1000 square meters each. BBFL were appointed as the architects to understand, interpret and create a workspace that embodies DDB’s dynamic working culture. The design process began with observing the designers at DDB work as a diverse group which involves a high level of discussion, debate and intervention sessions amongst each team with a common goal of achieving a creative solution for their clients. Group discussion activity was crucial for the team where workspace becomes a social network area rather than a confined individual space. The design process has allowed us to create a bridge between two disciplines which played a huge role in the concept development of the entire DDB environment creating a conspicuous identity. The workspace concept that revolves around DDB’s office wasn’t just about its corporate colors or even the branding of its company but create a collective space that leans towards the culture of the people in DDB itself. This lead us to create spaces in which improves and promotes inter-connectivity between creative individuals. Territories are divided and screened by discussion and collaborative areas within the office. The aim was to enhance the current culture and to encourage a more lively work space, which will ultimately improve a better work flow. The workspaces are designed as long communal tables supporting an open office environment. We design spaces that allow these communal areas to be part of the workspace. Discussion bars are dispersed within team work areas. DDB as clients, has been a project which involves cross-disciplinary professions, allowing us as designers to push the forefront of art and design as a holistic approach.

Ascendas Singbridge

Queenstown, Singapore
85,000 SF

With a faceted portfolio of various types of office and hospitality assets from science, industrial, logistics and business parks worldwide, Ascendas is one of the largest developers headquartered in Singapore. The relocation of their headquarter office The Galen to Galaxis building needed a new workspace which expresses their dynamism, profession, communication and their strength as a collaborative team. BBFL was appointed to redesign, re-iterate and restructure their current work behavioral patterns by creating a creatively organized workspace that improves staff individual concentration, group communication, well-being, and a sense of belonging. The diversity and dynamism of Singapore city and town planning was adopted and translated into the workspace. The Central Business District (CBD) is implemented into the client and visitors platform space where meetings, presentations and communication takes center stage. Bulky conventional architectural models of property assets are translated into virtual 3D models presented on state of the art large touch screen LED panels. Topography which is synonymous with the foundation of city developments are expressed on wall feature panels and manifestation of graphics throughout the space. Residential city neighborhood town planning is translated strategically into the workspace. Various departments are sectioned into neighborhoods close to one another. Every individual staff workstation is designed with personalized space intuiting a residential unit. Convenient stores and marts within residential neighborhoods are expressed through open collaborative spaces with built-in snacks and beverage bars dispersed throughout the workspace. The heart of the workspace finds a large communal pantry event space representing the marketplace for every district in Singapore residential town planning. A communal space where staff can gather, relax, work, exchange ideas and find familiarity in their hearts to live, work and play as a unit. Design Team - BBFL Shafie Latiff Nor Osman Yuri Alfani Project Management Team - Builder Main Contractor - M&E Main Contractor - Photography Keshav Project Details Area: 85,000 square feet Location: One North Fusionopolis (Singapore) Completion date: December 2015

Lego Singapore

Beach Road, Singapore
80,500 SF

An energetic workplace that inspires fun, creativity, encourages employee empowerment, and promotes Lego’s culture of change and innovation. As a pioneer in providers of innovative product development, the company was keen to adopt Activity Based Working. Connected by a dynamic internal staircase across 3 floors, the open, flexible, organic, non-hierarchical approach throughout the entire facility provides a flexible workspace with plenty of public areas for collaboration and impromptu meetings. All workstations are enabled with height adjustable work surfaces to provide ergonomic responsiveness for everyone. Outside of the collaborative environment, a ‘High-focus zone’ was designed to accommodate silent work space. Acoustic and sound isolation in video conference and huddle rooms ensure that workspace acoustic challenges are addressed.

Standard & Poors Beijing

CITC Tower, Beijing
17,486 SF

Standard & Poors Manila

Manila, Philippines
42,368 SF

Standard & Poors Singapore

Marina South, Singapore
43,217 SF

Standard & Poors Singapore

Marina South, Singapore
43,217 SF

Standard & Poors Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan
21,700 SF

NTUC Fairprice HQ

Queenstown, Singapore
160, 000 SQ FT

Singapore’s largest retailer, NTUC Fairprice Cooperative, have recently adopted a new way of working. With a staggering 160,000 sq. ft at their new building at Benoi Road, BBFL was appointed to work closely with NTUC Fairprice to create an open-concept workspace, revolutionizing the way they work; bringing about much more interaction between the users. Today’s workforce expects more from their everyday working life. Employment is no longer simply considered as a job, but rather a lifestyle. The new and future workplace continues to emerge as a landscape that facilitates and nurtures this notion. The brief was to create and explore design possibilities creating a comprehensive workspace, meeting facilities, staff wellness areas and client’s platform. Spreading over 5 floors, it was crucial that the design intent and direction was to ensure that the space does not only serve its purpose as a corporate outlook point, but also with a timeless yet unpretentious touch. Adjacency and connectivity of business units are not only distributed within a floor plate but throughout the 5 floors. In certain scenarios, large groups of headcounts within a department have to be split into 2 levels of floors. The constant use of red as NTUC’s corporate color throughout the five floors acts a common language to link different business departments as a unity. Juxtaposing the bold red, a monochromatic color scheme was implemented to bring out the best of the brand. The Organisation’s target for a Green Mark Platinum certification marks its on-going concerns in all aspects of sustainability. To the client, attracting and keeping the best, most effective workers, requires an office space that is both inspirational and motivational; one that allows managers and staff to interact, to be comfortable, and one that encourages them to achieve their personal best.

NTUC FairPrice Online

Benoi Road, Singapore
32,594 SF

Ashurst LLP

Strait View, Singapore
22,000 SF

Ashurst LLP is a full-service international law firm focused on merger & acquisition corporate and structured finance. BBFL was appointed as the designers for their office relocation to the 21,000 square feet space in MBFC Tower 3. The minimalist approach was inspired to enhance a wide open space in the premise. Architectural and clean lines refine the spaces with monochromatic scheme palette. The forward looking direction of the design was to project an international image for accurst LLP on a global platform. The reception lobby was designed to create a grand dramatic entry to the space which reflects a strong branding for the office. The client’s platform was designed with the intention of providing maximum prime views and creating flexible spaces which allows spaces to be combined into a larger communal area.

Tesa Tape

Buona Vista, Singapore
25,000 SF

Tesa is one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive product and system solutions for industry, trade, and consumers. The Design direction was inspired to create an office environment that provides staff with casual interaction spaces and creating the Staff Lounge as the main focal point from the arrival lobby. Pockets of spaces within the office are introduced to encourage collaboration within the staff. The minimalist approach enhances a wide open space in the premise. Architectural and clean lines refine the spaces with a monochromatic scheme palette. The forward looking direction of the design was to project an international image for Tesa Tape on a global platform.

Oracle Singapore

Fusionopolis Pl, Singapore
80,500 SF

Allen & Overy

Collyer Quay, Singapore
26,000 SF

Allen & Overy (A&O) are a specilized law firm, focuses on legal solutions for commercial and financial services and transactions. A&O have had an international presence since its foundation in the 1930s and have always seized new opportunities to practice across the world.Over the years we have helped shape and been involved in many ground-breaking developments in the legal field. A&O advised on the first ever hostel takeover in the city of London, drafted the first ever Eurobond in the 1960s and have taken the lead on creating many innovative structures in all core areas of legal practice. The new office intended for A&O at 50 Collyer Quay has been designed by BBFL based on sound basis principles of developing spaces which besides simply filling programmatic function of the client, are also interesting as individual spaces within their own right.

Keppel Capital

Bugis, Singapore
20,000 SF

he decision to consolidate multiple components across the island into a 20,000 SF office proves its mission and principle fulfilment to global customers. In the reception area, this is further amplified by a large projection glass showcasing Keppel’s history and milestones. Careful planning and understanding of workflow and work habits resulted in a dynamic layout that allows for effective use of spaces for a fast paced and agile organization. Customer platform, workspaces and staff café can be easily converted and combined to cater town hall meetings, workshops and social events. A spacious Staff café, multiple collaboration areas like the booth seating and seating pods allow every employee to choose where and how they do their work, despite having dedicated desks. Compact silent rooms are strategically located for focus group related works, catering for a wide variety of work patterns.